Network Cabling Torrance

Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

fiber-optic-cabling-installationEarly fiber optic networks were designed to handle simple voice communications in the extensive telephone networks that interconnected every city and hamlet across the nation. Large trenches that were full of copper wires were replaced by a few fiber optic fibers that could carry all the necessary voice communication over vast distances. Technology has brought about the need for intricate Torrance fiber optic cabling systems designed for shorter distances. Within a Torrance building, a fiber optic system can be designed to handle specific voice and data communications that never leave the premises.

Since multi-mode fiber optics were designed and manufactured first, there are some existing Torrance fiber cabling networks that will make up some portion of the internal fiber optic network. When high-quality signals are essential for intricate equipment, single-mode fibers must be used in the Torrance fiber optics network. Fiber optic network capacity is directly opposite to the copper network that carries more information on larger wires. Tinier single-mode fiber optic strands carry higher quality signals across larger distances.

Multi-mode fiber optic strands are used when the LAN will carry extensive amounts of data. These multi-mode strands have a larger core diameter than their single-mode counterparts. More than one “mode” or signal will travel the length of the fiber. The greatest challenge for multi-mode Torrance fiber optics is the intermodal dispersion that is caused by the various modes arriving at slightly different times. Another use for Torrance fiber optic cabling is the video surveillance system that monitors the security status of the facility. Since the camera and recorder network is contained in a relatively short distance multi-mode is very effective.

Every Torrance fiber cabling network will be designed with the right combination of single and multi-mode fibers for the best possible communication network. Torrance business owners have been trusting fiber optic experts for many years to design and implement a reliable and cost-effective network for their business communication needs.