Network Cabling Torrance


Quick response to Customer’s needs is critical to success in the transportation industry. For the past 3 years, Network Cabling Torrance has helped us out of many crucial cabling issues. Dependable, professional and high-quality work…

~Bill, General Manager, Avalon Gardena

“I have dealt with many cabling contractors over the years however, only Network Cabling Torrance continues to over deliver.

~Gil, CompuCom

Thank you for your ability to produce exactly what we needed within the budget that we were limited to. You are our go to company in Southern California.

~Dan, Turnkey Solutions

Our expansion was handled professionally, expertly, and delivered as promised in a very timely manner, and we were able to get our new employees up and working quickly. In a business like ours where we are so dependent on our computer system it is important that we have competent reliable help available when the need arises.

~Letty, 1st Student

Network Cabling Torrance saved our butts!! I trust them implicitly with our network. I know their heart is in the business.

~Shiela, LA Greyhound