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voip-phone-systems-torranceDiscover the Reasons Everyone is Switching to VoIP

Traditional phone systems have been around for decades and trying to convince business owners of their need to switch to an IP telephony system is usually met with pure skepticism. VoIP phone systems are capable of providing all the functionality of a conventional phone system through the computer network. Los Angeles VoIP phone systems providers are ready to demonstrate the power of this innovative technology for anyone willing to listen. There are countless benefits realized from installing one of the many on premise low cost VoIP phone systems available today.

Increased Productivity

Employees will be able to manage their own profile to select their location, use directory dialing, contact screens, caller ID, call waiting and calendar integration. All of these standard features spell increased productivity for the entire office. Documents can be shared, and calls can be transferred between locations through Los Angeles VoIP phone systems. Revenue-generating tasks are given more time since the phone system can be modified to meet employee needs whenever necessary.

Scalability Factors

Adding new employees is a two-minute operation that can be conducted from anywhere on the network, or from a remote location if necessary. Instead of calling in a support specialist, anyone can add the new phone to the VoIP network through any computer. Torrance VoIP phone systems providers have shown many new clients the benefits of using computers to replace physical phone equipment that used to lie around becoming obsolete. Telephone equipment that can handle anticipated future growth is no longer necessary because California VoIP phone systems are scalable within the computer network. If an available computer exists that computer can be added to the VoIP phone systems in one or more location for easy access from clients located anywhere in the world. Obsolete users can be removed with the same ease.

Ease of Management

Office moves and temporary locations used to be extremely costly because of the telecommunications requirements that had to be completed prior to any office changes. Los Angeles VoIP phone systems can be moved when the computer network is moved since they are one and the same. Fewer circuits are needed from the Los Angeles phone systems provider since the data network will provide voice capability.

Less equipment means lower capital investment costs for the growing company that is uncertain when and how much growth will be experienced in any given quarter. Since hardware is not necessary, expense and obsolescence are reduced.

Reduced Costs

Businesses are realizing cost savings in many categories that include labor, hardware, depreciation and lost employee productivity. Portability of on premise low cost VoIP phone systems means that growing companies can maintain their own networks without additional support. Employees are reachable during business hours by simply changing their virtual location within the Los Angeles phone systems interface.

The Final Word

Some business owners make the final decision to switch because a fellow business owner tells them of the benefits of switching to Torrance VoIP phone systems. Input from another professional can be the final deciding factor since so much depends on reliable communications. California VoIP phone systems have helped many businesses step into the twenty-first century with ease.